Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D. is a licensed psychoanalyst in New York and has been practicing since 1979.  He specializes in treating people in the arts or professions, but has also worked with adults of all varieties as well as adolescents and couples.  He has graduated from three psychotherapy institutes and received a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the Washington Square Institute in 1981. He utilizes an eclectic approach to therapy which incorporates cognitive-behavioral, gestalt, drama, and bioenergetic therapy.  He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, where he has taught since 2002.

Dr. Schoenewolf was born in Fredericksburg,Texas on September 23, 1941, the third of four sons of Harold Frederick Schoenewolf and Minna Henrietta Joseph.  He graduated from Tivy High School in Kerrville, Texas in 1960, attended North Texas State University for one year, and received his BA from Goddard College in Vermont in 1975.  He obtained an MA in philosophy from California State University in 1978 and a Ph.D. from The Union Institute in psychology in 1981.  He received a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the Washington Institute in New York in 1981.

His career as a psychoanalyst, author, and speaker, has been controversial.  He is one of the few mental health professionals who openly opposed political correctness.  For this reason his books and his other writings have often been attacked.

His first marriage was to Carol Slater in New York City in 1965.  He has one daughter from this marriage, Leah, and two grandchildren, Gunna Christenson and Sven Christenson.  His second marriage was to Theresa Lamb in New York City in 1983.  Both of these marriages ended in divorce.  He met his third and final wife, Julia, in New York and married her in 2007 at City Hall in New York City.  They currently live in Bushkill, Pennsylvania

He has written thirteen psychology books, four novels, a translation from Chinese of the work of Lao Tzu, and twenty-one screenplays.  He has won numerous awards at film festivals for his screenplays.  In addition he has made two feature films--Therapy and Brooklyn Nights; a collection of video song poems, and a blog call "Mind Sight."